Shoot em Up bullets approach


we are making a 3d side scroller shoot em up game like sine mora and we have problems trying to achieve the Visuals of the game. The problem is how to achieve the look of the bullets like the game on DAY [video]Sine Mora Gameplay (PC HD) - YouTube

The bullet is an actor with a projectile component. So first we tried with a Particle System that emits one particle using gpu sprites and cpu sprites and a emissive material but the bullets can be barely seen with the day sky background.

Then we tried a sprite and flipbook with some emissive but happens the same.

i have this setup/ the material is a particle color multiplied by a texture

We saw a tutorial about using static mesh emitter on particle systems

and get this

All those methods works great on dark or low light environments, but with a day skylight they blows.

i have seen someting like this

amd the emissive particles works fine on daylight

So we would like to take your advice-approach about how to cheaply get the emissive color look of these shoot em up games for any kind of background.

thank you!

wrong forum?

Other than pumping the intensity of the emissive way up,
you could try;

  1. lowering the exposure bias of your post process volume
  2. increasing the bloom intensity / lowering the bloom threshold

Thank you. I am going to check it out!