Shoot at Mouse Side Scroller Blueprint

This is the blueprint that I am using to shoot at the mouse when clicked for a side scroller. Please reply if you can see any noticeable bugs for I am new to Blueprints.

First off you don’t need the Get Controlled Pawn node because you are already in the pawn/character blueprint. Why do you have a vector + vector node? It isn’t doing anything. I quickly made a working version of what you want. Let me know if you don’t understand anything. The Gun Offset vector by default is 100, 33, 10.

fire projectile.png

This is much better than the blueprint that I was using so thank you. I have a question, although I’m not sure how to explain it. When placing anything in the editor for the player I make sure that it has X location set to 1000 so they are on the same path as the character. Can I make it so when you click, the bullet only moves on the X axis with a value of 1000 until it hits another object. This will make it easier to kill the enemies on the path. So basically, the bullet has to stay on the X axis when spawned?

Thanks anyways for the help!