Shockwave only works in safe mode (Windows 10)

If I try to view the shockwave test page End of Life (EOL) for Adobe Shockwave it crashes IE and Firefox. I want to play iSketch which requires shockwave but it only works in safe mode. If I boot normally, Isketch will crash awhile loading in IE and Firefox. I’ve read that it might be a conflict with Realtek sound drivers, so I uninstalled that and rebooted, but the problem remains. I can’t seem to find the answer on Google.

Do you guys have any ideas?

Is anyone here using Windows 10 and able to view the 2 links above without crashing???

[FONT=&quot]It was the Nvidia driver. There was a new Nvidia driver available (as there is every few months). As it uninstalled the previous driver (after the screen goes black for a few seconds), I tried Isketch in Firefox and it worked. After restarting to complete the new driver installation, Isketch crashed Firefox.