Shipping with unlit mode view

Hi Guys, I would like to package my android game in shipping built and run it in unlit view mode.

I’m changing r.ForceDebugViewMode to 1 in my DefaultEngine.ini and using console command ‘view mode unlit’ to change view mode. Everything works fine when testing on PC however when packaged to apk and run on Android device it is not possible to change view mode. It remains in Lit mode.

Any thoughts what can be wrong? Possibly this trick was possible in older versions of engine and not in the newest?

Don’t know a solution for this but why don’t you simply bake the light and add a post processing with a min and max brightness?

Because the texture is coming from the photogrammetry process, and I do not want to have any light influence on them. Basically there is no light used in my scene, and the textures are set as emissive material.