Shipping Packaged Size larger than Development Packaged Size, any ideas?

Hi, from what i read and what is obvious the Shipping size should be less than the Development size after the packaging, but what i get is exactly the opposite.

The size of the app with the Shipping option is twice bigger than the Development one which is weird, any idea on how this may came from? Thanks in advance.

Turn off unused plugins,
In project settinges enable Share material shader code and native libraries, create compressed cooked packages etc.

Thank you Hermyth for your answer but still no matter what i do, the shipping size is always twice bigger than the development size which i assume the opposite is what is expected!

PROBLEM SOLVED: I’m just gonna keep the solution here in case someone had a similar problem in the future:

In Project Settings > IOS there’s an option called “Support bitcode in Shipping”, when i unchecked this option, ,y Shipping Packaged size dropped from +300MB to 61MB, knowing that my Packaged size in Development mode was around 130 MB


Thank you for sharing the solution to your problem because I recently encountered a similar situation.