Shipping of UE ArchiViz Projects - Console, Mobile or PC/Mac?

Hello ArchViz guys!

First off, I want to say how awesome many of you guys’ work is! Every day I come here, there is a new video of a Unreal Engine rendered fantasy!

I am currently mainly working on images and offline-rendered films and am researching possibilites of interactivity.
The main thing i am looking into at the moment is shipping. What use is a fantastic looking project if it doesn’t run on the clients hardware.

So my question is: I keep seeing videos of Unreal Engine rendered houses and appartments. But how do you go about shipping?
Do you produce for mobile (iPads/android Tablets) or for PC/Mac with WASD and Mouse or controller. Do you build for console and just have a console standing around. Or even a Desktop Computer with Controller and Occulus/VR glasses?

Any thoughts or input? Really uncertain, since for I also realised that I have to make the decision what the final device is going to be, before I start the project…

Thanks alot!

I guess it depend on your situation, if you can control the hardware then it’s very easy to target PC with high-end components and do the installation yourself. If you have to pass something to your client and they install it on their own hardware then that can be an issue because it needs to be easy for them to install and they need to have hardware that will run it.

The ArchVis projects I have worked on we have built for PC only as you would need licenses to develop on the consoles. I set mine up to always use the controller as well as the keyboard since the majority of people who do not use this kind of stuff usually find it easier to use joysticks.

We have also needed to supply our own PC rig if they were showing it off to any clients as they would not have a high enough spec machine to run it properly.