Shipping game on disks

Hi! Does anyone know a firm that burns games on disks with their own box? How much does it costs and where to sell it when I’ll get the disks? I guess the game needs to be a bit popular first, but what shops in Europe/USA/UK can I sell the games in? I didn’t find anything usefull in google. Or should I sell them only as digital? Thanks for help

You should forget retail box sales since it basically requires you to have a publisher with good contacts or a very good and popular game that has proven itself on digital market first and a dedicated person to “sell” it to distributors.

Unless you’re a big name or manage to have huge success, I wouldn’t worry about a box at all. That’s just more overhead. I would suggest selling online only as a downloadable. Possibly even through Steam. If you must offer disk, you can do things simple with a burner/printer and do it yourself, with a sleeve and an envelope. Most people these days, given the option, they’re just going download it anyway rather than waiting on a disk in the mail.

If I am correct, there are some small companies that will print boxes and stamp CD’s (Or whatever medium.) on demand. (Only as much as you need.)

You should check something like that out. (If you can find a place.)