Shipping game for 32bit computers on a 64bit computer?

Hey guys. I’m making a game using a 64bit Windows computer, and several of my players have 32bit computers. Is it possible to, on my computer, create a 32bit version of the game, or would I need a 32bit computer as well?

If you change your packaging configuration to Shipping then you can choose 32-Bit as a target

Oh wow. And that will work from a 64bit computer?

Yes it will work.

Oh wow, awesome! I was told before that that wouldn’t work… Thanks guys!

You might want to start questioning the validity of this person that said it won’t work. :stuck_out_tongue: For the longest time, we could ONLY package for shipping to 32bit. Only recently we could finally package for 64bit.

Oh wow lol. Never knew. Thanks! :stuck_out_tongue:

The reason that there is no problem with 32 bit stuff is because virtually every 64bit cpu today uses x86-64 architecture, which the instruction set is fully compatible with 32bit x86 programs, before x86-64 there certainly were compatibility issues, but, not now.