Shipping cleanup

I find it a bit odd that when building a shipping version, it includes all kinds of things that are not used. Especially disabled plugins, dll’s etc… Could we please have the option to either select things that we don’t want included, or have the packager smart enough to not include things that are not used? I did this work manually, and managed to cut down a whopping 500mb from the build. That is a lot of junk, that I would be happy not having to think about :slight_smile:

Best regards/

500mb is a lot of disk space man! I’d like to know how you figured out what the engine needs and doesn’t need? I haven’t made any shipping versions yet but some of my friends are bugging me to test what I have done so far, so I have to render the project to shipping versions for testing purposes.

:slight_smile: That was an a lot of trial and error. I backed up the package, and then went about cutting out entire directories. Noting what it needed, and put those back. It took me about 15 minutes or so in all. But still, it was clear that much of it didn’t really need to be packed. I couldn’t cut out references to the editor etc… because those too got included even though that is clearly not used either. Otherwise it would be even more. Why those are included is odd indeed.

haha clever :slight_smile: thanks. Guess I have to test it out myself by deleting and restoring.