shipping build - hitches in the first run of level

Hi guys,
I’m having problem with constant little hitches in the shipping build. It looks like they are caused by actors and particles in game but somehow the hitches are happening only in the first run of level. When I restart the level everything is fluent. It looks like they are being cached or stored to memory after the first run. I can do workaround that all “problem” actors are spawned and hidden behind widget before the game start to get them loaded to memory but I don’t see this as a proper solution. I’ve tried many many project settings, but still no luck. So I’m wondering if is there a solution for this. Thanks.

You have to do that workaround. Due to the way OpenGL works, combined with the varying quality of Android manufacturers OpenGL drivers, there’s no way to force the GPU to load the texture in video memory until they are actually used for rendering. Some drivers might also defer shader compilation until the last moment too. You have to force the stuff to render without the user seeing to “warm up” the assets.