Shipping build doesn't recognize "r.DistanceFieldAO 0"

I have build my game as shipping and started a closed beta. Players are complaining since they can’t stop the DistanceFieldAO effect and it kills the framerate on slower hardware.

On a development build this console command works but:

Is there a way to stop the console from appearing ?
Will it run without the engine ?

I am using** 4.7.3**

Please consider this for Hot fix 4.7.4

Here is the link to the answerhub post

Howdy Midnight640,

Thank you for reporting this issue. If you have not done so already, would you post this issue on our AnswerHub? This will allow a more organized way of working on this issue. If you could also provide information on which version you are using, which devices you are seeing this error on, and if your build is Binary or Source, this is better help to understand what may be occurring.

If you do post on AnswerHub, be sure to link that post here so that I may be able to further investigate.

Thanks and have a great day!

The console is disabled in shipping builds. If you need to expose such a setting to users you will need to wire it up through a user interface.

I have . A BP widget with a button that fires a console command which doesn’t work.

Also is it legal to distribute the Development configuration as shipping?

I don’t know off hand why doing a GEngine->Exec (which is roughly what I’m guessing you’re doing) doesn’t work, but you could try something along these lines which is what much of our internal game code appears to be doing:

static IConsoleVariable* CVarMotionBlur = IConsoleManager::Get().FindConsoleVariable(TEXT("r.MotionBlurQuality")); 

I am afraid the problem is not in my BP since PIE and Dev build this, and all other settings work including DistanceFieldGI,
yet if I compile as shipping the other settings still work only the distance-filed options don’t.

All of these work and it shows on the screen.

PS: the 0 or 1 value is not hard coded I append it to the console command if that makes any difference.

Also is it OK to distribute my game in the Development configuration instead of the Shipping?