Shipping Build - Deployment with UE4 Pre Req. Installer

Hi guys,

From what I understood from this thread:, running the executable for shipping builds checks for pre-reqs and asks the user if they want to install them if they don’t have them. I’ve made a Shipping Build (with the “Include Prerequisites” check box checked) of the game I’m working on with my friends and tried running it on a non-dev computer (pretty old computer I must say), but I was not prompted to install pre-requisites. Instead, multiple errors just popped up staying that certain .dlls could not be found. I had to manually use the UE4 Pre-Req Installer found in the Extras folder in order to fix the issue. Is this intended behavior? I thought checking the “Include Prerequisites” check box in the Packaging settings would enable the automatic pre-req detection and installation for Shipping builds. If this is intended behavior, is there a way of baking in the UE4 Pre-Req. Installer executable into a build so that we can redirect players if errors arise when running the game? If I’m missing a step, feedback regarding this would be most appreciated!

P.S. - Is there a good way of making a Windows installer for distribution of our game through UE4 or am I going to need to make one through other avenues? If I need to make one through other avenues, is there anything that is crucial for a successful installation of our game?


Nevermind. I found the solution! Thanks anyways!

You may want to post your solution for others in case they find this thread since they have the same problem.