Shipped game has a jerky/stutter camera

Hello everyone !

I’m working on a side project and in editor everything is working fine. In the shipped version (Windows), in the other hand, the camera is jumping at a constant rate. The game doesn’t lag, my character’s animation are not cut or anything. But my game is a side scroller and you can clearly see the camera doing some weird jump to the right or left, depending on where my character is heading. This doesn’t happen in the editor.

Do you have any idea why the camera is being like this ?

Thanks !

Ok I’ve found the solution while looking for the fullscreen issue. The problem is VSynch doing some random stuff.
To anyone having this issue, here is the solutin :

In your project folder, go to /Config and create a file named : DefaultGameUserSettings.ini
Open it, and put the following code inside.


FullscreenMode=0 means fullscreen, bUseVSync is pretty straight forward. That will fix screen tearing, as well as camera stuttering.

Have a nice day !

love you man