Ship physics WIP

Today I’ve finished work on the alpha-version of ship physics. There were three angles of the task:

  1. Create ocean shader (surface)
  2. Teach the ship to react on it
  3. Make it work in multiplayer

Few days, some reseach… and here it is :slight_smile: Working on weapon system now.

Awesome, that was pretty cool! :slight_smile:

Very impressive man, nice job;.

WOW! Very nice!

awesome stuff man, keep us updated!!!

Nice movement. May be some foam particles?

Well done!

Can’t wait to see more of this.

Curse you ufna! awesome as always! :slight_smile:
Do you mind sharing some information on how this is done? I’m basically trying to do the same thing but I’m stuck… I can make a shader with waves but how do I get the surface height data afterwards? any tips? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, guys! :o

Sure, I’ll add them next week :slight_smile:

It’s the classic approach - I have separate class that calculates the wave height in desired world points on cpu. It’s being computed for each of ship’s “tension dot” (I plan to slice the ship into volumes then). This class uses the same height function as a shader, and parameters are synchronized between them (on 1:10 you can see how I’m changing wave height to make wave higher).

Looks great the only thing i think could be improved is the dampening, the ships seams a bit too stiff in it’s dampening on the waves as if it wee hitting a solid floor under the waves.

Impressive stuff. How viable is it to make something like AC4’s ocean? I mean, is there much clipping between the water and the ship’s hull or is it something you are going to work on?

I think AC4’s ocean was done with nvidia’s waveworks.

It will be improved. There are so much parameters to tweak! :slight_smile:

Sorry, I didn’t understand what you meant exactly :frowning: AC3/4 ocean created with different approach of ocean geometry (“projected grid” concept).

I’m pretty sure that not. I see no reason for them to use WaveWorks when they’ve created cool system for AC3 already.

Sorry, i have no technical knowledge on this kind of stuff, thats why i gave AC4 as a comparison. And i got my answer. :slight_smile:

Looks really good. I’ve been wondering how to do water/ship physics in UE4.

Any chance you’ll ever consider doing a tutorial?

I can’t promise a tutorial because of my schedule, but I’m definitely sure I’ll open project sources soon, so you’ll be able to check it and use.

…wait what?! You would be the first man who share his project source .Nobody else do that , they just show screenshots:(
Hope you won’t change your mind.

:eek: :eek: you need to stop doing that!! every time you make a post my browser freezes from your awesomeness level :smiley:

When this is done it needs to be released :slight_smile: unless you plan on making a game then don’t release :slight_smile: