Ship Linux binarys ?

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According to Epics statements “IF YOU LOVE SOMETHING, SET IT FREE” and " with Unreal Engine 4 we want to make Linux a first class member of our platform family." comes here my question:

Is it allowed to ship binarys, as a distro ? If yes, means that easy access for everyone and with that a quick increase of popularity for the Unreal Engine and Epic.

If no: Why ? I respect the decision, to make an account on your page as an desire and projects like Lightworks and Genymotion proove, that these two things can fit together.

So, why hide the Unreal Editor from most users at Linux based operating systems ?

I do not think the Linux editor is ready for primetime so to speak.

BUT it has made allot of great strides in terms of usability last I checked :slight_smile:

You can compile it from source.

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You are allowed to compile the Linux editor from source and distribute games you make with it, but you are not allowed to distribute the compiled editor. They’re still working on Linux support and at some point there will be a Linux version of the launcher which will allow you to install the Linux like normal.

We still need an update from Epic regarding the status of Linux support.
My business sort of depends on it.

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Epic, i am sure you remember your words: