ship in udk

hello ,
i wanted to ask about how to add a ship as a vehicle in udk to be used by the player like the car

I never used a Svehicle, but I did a horse, a dragon, as normal pawns. The way to use with the player (and other bots) is easy, just use setbase or setlocation in each tick to attach to a vehicle socket. Then in your player controller, read the playerinput data and send it to the vehicle instead the player.

I would use Svehicle only for the suspension system.

which part do you need help with?can you already make car?

yes i can , i alos thought of an idea which is creating the ship and adding hidden wheels in it and make the rigging as the car rigging with increasing the wheel radius in scripting so that it would reach the bottom of the water

that’s what ive done for mine.
the wheels have no mesh attached but you can still set the collision radius in the wheel.uc

ok thank you another question please how to make for example a car to start to hit me and follow a path as if it was an ai like the other enemies using kismet

But ok guys, what if you have a specific surface that you want the pawn to not be able to walk through but you want the ship to be able to have movement on it to, I wanna have boats :rolleyes: how one would set that up that-s stuck in my mind for a long time ?

Neongho, my plan is to move the boat always in the same Z coordinate (or in a range), using acceleration var only.

sho any help :smiley:

if you can make the mesh and the uc file,where are you stuck?

i’m just asking how to make the ship move around as my enemy in a path and fire at me ?

any help ?

If you just want the ship to move around and shoot at you, then make a UTBot and give it the ship as a mesh component.

i did that but it doesn’t use the ship physics asset and also i can’t scale the ship