Is there any way through blueprint, make the Static Mesh Nave, follow Widget Mira. Both are in the same blueprint character?

It’s kind of impossible to actually read that blueprint when it’s zoomed out that far

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But what I want to know is next. The blueprint on the side has nothing but ship movement, damage and shooting.

How do I make the Static Mesh “Nave” follow the Widget “WidgetMira”? Is there a possibility, even in the Blueprint Character “Nave_Rail” itself? That’s what I want to know.

Look at 1

For rotating directly towards an widget or moving towards it? Because I can find an vid for that

The Ship has to look into the crosshairs, so that when the player fires, he fires in the direction of the crosshairs and not always towards the center.

Well, I’ve found something for an set of turrets.

But you have to alter some code here and there. At 5:40 you need the world location of whatever your reticle is touching and set that as an custom variable. If it’s something that has multiple arcs of fire, you’ll need to run an check to see if the gun is actually pointing at the reticle before it can fire.

I already watched this video. The problem is that I would have to create a separate blueprint and put it in the scene. I’ll try something here and anything, post the result. Thanks!

Surely you are looking through the cross hairs , therefore the camera is looking in the direction you want? Therefore rotste the gun towards the camera vector?

If the widget is moveable ie top down moves with mouse aim. Translate the coordinates of the widget by getting the world coords of the mous x and y and rotate to look at that point

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Guys, I already managed to do the mechanism for another video and it worked. It’s just not perfect yet, so if you need some tweaks to the code, I’ll look up how to do it. Anyone interested in knowing how I did it, I’ll leave the link to the video I followed.

I followed the step by step of this video and tested the code until it fit my game and it worked. As the video itself says, it’s not 100%, but I can do what I need and with time I’ll adjust the details.

For now thanks for the help!