Shinjyuku Station


About this project - It started this as a modular study at Clinton Clumper’s CGMA course, and I sort of expanded to a more versatile scene to improve my overall skills of modeling, level art, optimization, lighting, composition and visual story-telling. I created the majority of the assets but I also utilized some of the third party assets. This scene was inspired by Shinjyuku station in Tokyo when a massive typhoon approached and left the station surrealistically empty.



■ Props

  • Power generator (Main: Blender)

7,365 verts

  • Cable cover (Main: Marvelous Designer&Zbsush)

916 verts

■ Material

  • Trimsheets (Main: Maya & Photoshop)

  • Asphalt Material (Main: Quixel Mixer)

  • Gravel Material

■ Blueprint

  • Auto SplineTool

Software I used - UE4, Blender, Zbrush, Maya, Substance Painter, Photoshop, Quixel Mixer, Marvelous Designer and Marmoset Toolbag.

Marketplace assets I used: IndustryPropsPack4, Personnel, Weather Effects, Subway Station, Trainyard, Trash Set, ZeusWeatherSFX