Shimmer on edges / lines

I’m getting this odd artifact on a lot of objects and lines. Sometimes objects bounce around a few pixels constantly.

This happens in the editor, play mode and after it is launched.
Is there any way to fix this, and is there a term for what is happening?

Hi Devinean,

What you are seeing is shimmering caused by Anti-Aliasing. It is usually caused by reflections and lighting. You can adjust this by adding a Post Process volume to the level and changing the AA Method.

If this doesn’t help, feel free to post your dxdiag and we can take a look at your specs.

Thanks, TJ

Had to uncheck Temporal AA.

I have one other small problem, reflections have some form of artifacting as well as the shimmer on the 3d text on the walls.


Is it something that can be changed or should I just learn to deal with it?

Thanks Again!

I see, it’s one of those things that once you see it, it drive you crazy.

But now I know that it’s normal, it won’t bother me!

What you are seeing is the slight bumpy variations in the normal map channel of that floor material. Here is a very smooth reflective material in comparison.