Shimapanzer Strike (anime girls and tanks!)

Me and a friend, are making a tactical rpg about anime girls and tanks on ue4. Here’s some pictures of what we’ve made so far!


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Wow dudes, what a good taste! Great environment visual.

behold yanderes


Looks pretty fun! I like the art style and cel-shading work. Reminds me a bit of RWBY in some ways.

The cell shading looks really good!

Safe to assume, you’re taking inspiration from the likes of Valkyria Chronicles?


rip monty tho :

I didn’t actually play it until just recently. This project actually came out of watching Girls und Panzer for the first time, after just finishing the gba fire emblem games. For the environment style our inspirations were mostly Okami, Windwaker, Breath of the wild, and Company of heroes, with some TF2 dashed in there, while the character style came out of studying the atelier games, and fairy fencer f/hyperdimension neptunia.

flak cannon and headpats!

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