Shifting between camera

Hi, I have situation in my game, but not sure how to achieve it. Can someone kindly help me by giving some idea please.

I have the player camera within the Player character blueprint (the soldier character in the above is not the player. This character will stand in front of the player. The sequence will be like the player character will place a briefcase on the table, and the player has to press a key input. The input will disabled from this point onwards. Once the input key pressed, there is a small sequence that will happen where there are 3 different camera angles to be shown one by one. First camera will focus on the face of the soldier character who will open the briefcase. After that the second camera will focus on the briefcase to show what is inside the briefcase. Then, we show both briefcase and the soldier character from the low angle.

Normally, I use different spring arms within the character blueprint to shift between the characters. But in this case, I cannot fix the camera angle properly as there are 3 different blueprints involved in this (the player, the briefcase, and the soldier). My guess is the best way is to use the sequencer. But if it is possible to do it in the game level itself, I really appreciate it, as this will not last more than 5 to 7 seconds.

Please can someone guide me on how to jump between these 3 camera angles.

There should be some other method available, but I am not aware of. I prefer to set the camera angle of the briefcase to be within the briefcase blueprint itself, and the camera angle for the soldier character to be within the soldier blueprint itself.

Thanks a lot for your suggestions.


Hi @sk916

yes probably the best way is to make a sequence ,
but you can also try using “set view target with blend”
you can place the cameras directly in each blueprint , or wharever in the level,
just need to get the reference to them and set the playerview to the new camera.

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IMO sequencer would work great for this. Dunno about it not being “in the game itself”.

You can try Set View Target With Blend node, having 1 blueprint controlling the jumps and duration between different cameras. You could set it up so you can reuse it with different cameras placed throughout the game but not within other blueprints.

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Beat me to it. :sweat_smile:

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