Shift world origin within 1 level?

Hi all,

Is it possible to shift the world origin within one large level so that the physics will stay accurate? I have already tried the console command “SetWorldOrigin”. The reason that I ask is that I have a very large map (in one level) that the player can teleport around. When I have the player teleport to a location very distant from the origin,the player’s rotation becomes messed up, causing the camera to shake. Is there currently a solution to this without having the split up the map? Thanks in advance.

I think you will need to look for additional BP nodes, as there are for landscape with resetting world origin (WorldAlignTextures and WorldAlignBlends).

So you may also need to add, depending on the physics that you have setup in your project; GetWorldtoMetersScale, ProjectWorldLocationtoWidgetPosition, WorldOriginLocationChanged, etc and setup variables that connect to your physics BPs in order for everything to reset to the new location properly.

If it is just the engine physics that are not working correctly, then it may still be part of the known bugs in the engine with regards to proper world origin shifting.