Shift-clicking deleted convex causes crash

I create a skeletal mesh.
I create a multi-convex collision for a wheel.
I then reset the collision for a sphyl.
I click a remaining convex entry.
I hold shift to select another convex and it causes the editor to crash.

Hi Doublezero0 -

So far I have not been able to reproduce the crash that you are experiencing. Can you post the Machine ID from the Crash Reporter that you submitted the crash with and if possible can you share the FBX that is causing this issue for you?

Thank You -

Eric Ketchum

Here is the trouble FBX
link text

Here is the log of the crash
link text

Hi -

Thank you for the additional information. I was able to find and report the crash as well as reproduce it internally. For reference the bug report reference is UE-17689. As we investigate a solution to this issue I will keep you informed here.

Thank You Again -

Eric Ketchum