Shield Powerup

Hey everyone, I was wondering if somebody could walk me through how to make a shield power up for a 2d ship game.
The power-up spawns at the top of the screen and drifts down. If it is collected by the player then the player is equipped with a shield otherwise the power-up is lost and another needs to spawn some time later. The shield must be represented visually around the player’s ship and must decay as bullets strike it. When it is exhausted it must be removed.
Thanks guys.

I made a shield using a sphere on the actor set to block everything but the static environment. ( this is on the player blue print. ) by default I have its visibility off and turn collision off. But swap it on when I am shielding. Depending of the effects your looking for you can just use an invisible physics volume, and initiate the effect. Just make sure the volume is larger then your hitbox to prevent hit events.

Also be sure your not taking damage by hit. Unless its specifying what is being hit because the hits a shield like this would create just mean when the shield is hit you are hit. Follow?

I.e.: a bullet or trace needs to generate its damage from the first thing it collides with and needs to check that it’s your capsule ir mesh it’s hitting to generate not damage not the players overall blueprint.