Shield graphic problem

I’m trying to put our lat archviz scene (just a bathroom) on the brand new shield tablet we got yesterday…I just cretaed a deviceprofile and created a new postprocess volume with higher priority and lower quality setting (like bloom at 0, ssr quality really low etc… basically following these guidelines more or less …I’m pretty happy with the result cause i’m getting 30 fps and a really good overall quality, all this without optimizing anything at all… the problem is i keep getting these strange bugs at the border of the room and i can’t understand what is causing it…i changed all lights to static, removed bloom,lightshafts and all other effects but nothing changed…only thing that seems to get rid of it is lowering the value for the console variable r.scenecolorformat but makes the scene unplayable causing other visual bugs (basically a tremendous ghosting) so i have to keep it at 4… do any of you know or has any idea on how to fix it? thanks in advance!


Make your own scene from beginning aimed at mobile, then you learn what can and cant do.

For this one, check postprocess volume, or same settings in camera or level defaults. Like AO, reflections blurr etc. Turn them all off. You can also delete poostprocess volume and place your own (check unbound for global setting).

If this does not help kill all lights, yes all of them, and place single point light in middle.

Last option is looking into materials, they may be too complicated for mobile renderer (for eg. too many textures, or too big size).

Then you at least know if its materials or lights or post process.

But easier would be importing meshes, and creating own materials in empty project designed for mobile from beginning.

Can anybody lead to a start point…!!?

Not sure what your skill level is. Unreal is huge.
Start with youtube epic tutorials. When you get hang of editor look at pbm material examples in content examples.
Then manually move them over to mobile platfors, see which nodes work and which do not.
Sadly there are no tutorials about mobile.

Or load up mobile temple example and see how its done.

Hi cadviz,

This forums thread has links to much ofthe Android (and general mobile) development documentation that you might find useful in beginning your project.