Shepherds of the Abyss - A Multiplayer Tower Defense Game

Hey folks. Me and two friends left our industry jobs in 2014 to strike out and work on games we’d be more passionate about. UE4 had become available so the time was right.

Our first project is Shepherds of the Abyss, which is a multiplayer tower defense game (1v1, 2v2, coop, etc.). One of our core goals for this game was to make a tower defense game that had a lot more active gameplay (i.e. less sitting around and watching your towers do everything, and more interaction and decision-making on your part). Some of the primary features:

  • The Shepherds - powerful hero units that you unlock. They come with ability kits that include active abilities, passive abilities, and ultimate abilities. Use their abilities skillfully to overcome your opponent’s defenses.

  • Mazing - build a maze of towers through dynamically spawned (random, but identical for all players) obstacles, meaning no two games will have the exact same layout. Mazing is a core skill, therefore.

  • Dual resource economy - use gold to build towers, upgrade towers, unlock Shepherds, etc. Use your mana during combat to cast spells on both offense and defense.

  • Player built waves of minions - summon (queue) units and adjust their spawn order to build the best waves you can. A few base wave minions are spawned as well to serve as fodder, and possibly to synergize with your Shepherds’ abilities.

We released a gameplay trailer a couple of months ago and just put a new video up on Steam Greenlight that goes into detail on our design decisions and shows off a couple of the (more finished) Shepherd units.

Please check out our trailer and development update videos on Steam Greenlight here:

Comments, questions, etc. are more than welcome. Thank you :slight_smile:

Upvoted, good luck! :slight_smile:

This looks really cool actually, I might actually buy it just for the pvp aspect.

Thanks for the support. :slight_smile: PvP has definitely been our primary focus up until now, but we’re going to flesh out coop and single player modes as well. We just wanted to really figure out PvP and use that to inspire the other modes, instead of the other way around.