Shelling System for Level Design and Arch Viz


The Shelling System is a must for Level Designers who want to get the job done fast. Featuring a fully customizable measuring system, a quick, single select for rescaling objects and 33 types of objects to choose from - Your levels will be awesome.


  • White Box Mode - Quickly hide all measurements, and assign a gray material, with one checkbox.
  • Measurements in Millimeters, Centimeters, or Meters.
  • Position measurements at corners or the center,
  • Scale, font color, and grid color.
  • Choose which face to display Measurements,
  • Bounding Box, to get a better idea of mesh positioning.
    +World-space Grid Material.



Overview video on features to come later today. Would love to hear feedback! :smiley:

That looks great.

One thing I did notice, watching your video - maybe its worth doing a version of the rounded corners without the extra material on the outside. It seemed like you had to spend a lot of time re-adjusting holes when you decided to put the round corners back in, to accommodate the extra geometry.

Otherwise, this looks very useful.

Hey Crow! Great idea, will add it before today’s release. :slight_smile: Thanks!

EDIT: We’ve added an inside version of that mesh now, fixes all that finicking around! :smiley:

Files are uploaded, and ready for the 8PM GMT release. Check out the overview!

Released! Grab your copy now :slight_smile:

Love this tool! Buy it seriously!

This tool looks really cool indeed, gratz !!

…you almost killed me with the music in your video…

Thank you!

And noted about the music, I’ll be sure to pick something better in the future. :wink:


This is certainly interesting but aside of the live measurement display (that’s pretty cool), what would really warrant getting this over Supergrid? Or do you have more features planned down the road?

Thank you

Hey there MrMazur, there are some points already discussed on Shelling System in comparison to Supergrid. You can find them on the Reddit post,


Hello, this looks amazing, is a marketplace version planned?
If so, is there a way to transfer my Gumroad version to a marketplace version?

Interesting product. What would be the next step after blocking out? Is there a tool to help with replacing the prototype level with real meshes?

Hey all, sorry for the delayed responses,

Right now there is currently no marketplace version, I’m looking into it, and have no idea regarding setting up a transfer from Gumroad to Marketplace until I have it sorted. Will keep you posted!

The next stage would be to merge the actors in the scene, bring them into your favorite 3D package, then use them as a basis for measurements and creating environment art pieces.
You can do this in UE4 by selecting all BP_Shell actors, right click -> Merge actors, this will save a version to your content browser. From here, right click the asset in the content
browser, Asset Actions -> Export, and you’ll have an FBX file you can work with!

I watched one your steams on Volumetric Fog and saw you using the shell system. I purchased it the other day and all I can say is WOW! I have always struggled with getting all the measurements to come out right when modeling my levels. Your system just made my life so much more productive. Subscribed to your twitch account as well. Keep up the great work!

Is this still being updated ?

Can somebody please tell me how to install this. I’ve tried copying the contents of the supplied zip into the contents folder of a project but none of the materiels are working. I’ve tried contacting the author several times but I get no reply