Shell Shock

About Us:
Afro Whale is a group of college students with some experience in video game development working on Shell Shock in their free time. Shell Shock is the first title we are working towards releasing.

Shell Shock is inspired by Unreal Tournament and Bomberman. Shell Shock is a third-person arena combat game that combines grenade combat and fast paced roller blade movement. A variety of grenades are used for the combat, including cluster bombs, which, on impact, explode into smaller explosions, phase grenades, which have the ability to go through walls, toxic gas grenades, which create a deadly cloud, blocking vision and damaging nearby enemies, and more. The characters use mechanically enhanced roller blades for quick movement, movement on walls, and elevated jumps from ramps.

Talent Required:


  • Ability to rig a character
  • Ability to animate character movement
  • Some experience with Unreal Engine 4 required

Particle/Lighting Artist

  • Experience with Unreal Engine 4 particle creation
  • Experience with Unreal Engine 4 lighting

We are students working on this in our free time, usually on the weekend. Although we have prior experience with video game development, we are not professionals. We are making progress on the game, but we are also learning some things as we go. Anyone interested in joining us will be expected to have some working experience in their role, even if it is minimal. Currently, we have the beginnings of the game created, including character movement, character modeled and textured, rough draft of the initial level, and the framework of the combat mechanics programmed. We are looking for an animator and a particle/lighting artist to fill in some of the features that we are missing and take the game to a showcase-ready state. Again, this is a project being worked on during the weekends. We expect any participants to be able to dedicate time every week, but we are not expecting 20+ hours a week.

E-Mail: [EMAIL=“”]
Skype: Afro Whale Studios

Is this rev-share or paid ?

Sorry, I thought I put Royalty as the prefix, but it looks like I forgot. It would be revenue shared.

You are sure about the name “Shell shock”?

It’s just a working title, for now. We did find another game with a similar title, but they use Shellshock as one word, followed by a title. If you have any suggestions, we would appreciate the input :slight_smile:

Loaded Shell, Shock Carnage, etc.


Shocked Shell
Shelled Shock
Shocking Shock
Shelled Shell
Babelu the Brown Bear
NomNomCrunch the Squirrel
Hole in the hole
One duck left behind
Cover your Soap

I am out of creative energy for weeks now, hope you got inspired.