Sheath and unsheath weapon animations and aim Offsets

Hello I have made some aim offset animations for use in a third person game, but I was curious about a few things.
Also I am trying to keep everything to Blueprint if at all possible.

  1. How do I make my character unsheathe/sheathe their weapon? I am sure I need at least one animation but is there any references as to how many frames it should be and how do I actually get that linked in the game engine to a button press?

  2. How would I set up a third person camera so that it is similar to something like WatchDogs or GTA where the player can rotate the camera freely when weapons are sheathed or unsheathed but the camera changes to a closer over shoulder view and uses the aim offsets when a button is held?

Thank you for any assistance you can provide.

you have asked several questions inside one, which of which is complex enough to be answered in hours of tutorials.

split your question and ask them in different posts.