She Is There

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This thread is open to release our FREE Game called She Is There. Download Link at the end. First all the Trailer!

As you can see in the video, this a classic Slender inspired game, that take elements like the notes and other stuff. She Is There has a background that you can discover at the time you play the game, but it is not narrated to the player directly, if you pay attention to details you can get it, and complement using your perverse mind!. Anyway you can ignore this and just play the game!. The game is very short, if we continue telling you more, can be considered Spoiler!



The game was created using a collection of assets from the marketplace, like the well-know Ultra Dynamic Sky from Everett Gunther, a use full sky sphere system that fits a lot of environment types and styles. in the sound, we use Organic Nature From ESM Team and Horror Sound Pack From V.G as well some sounds edited by us for fit the game. In the Meshes Assets, we use our own marketplace content Like Olberts Low Poly: Taiga, Olberts Low Poly: Grass And GroundPlants and Olberts Low Poly: WoodStronghold for the buildings.



We include in the game an Explore Mode, in this, you play Day Time without the involved horror, for these that only want see the map in detail!

System Requirements

We don’t know The precise game system requirements, because we only have one pc. We run it in an neighbor Rig with a i5 4690k + GTX 760 2gb + 8gb RAM + 720p resolution, and run fine 60fps+. We run it in our PC, a rig with i5 6600k + GTX 1060 6gb + 16gb RAM + 2560x1080 Res, and run at 90fps+. Out of that two rigs, we don’t have anyone more to test the game, we invite you to test it using Rivatunner and tell us your rig and results, can be useful for other people!

If You Like Our Work And Want To Help Us!

We don’t have a patreon, if you want to help us, you can go to the marketplace and grab any of our content packs, that will be useful for us, and for you that get some useful stuff for your next game or project! This is our Marketplace Profile, there you can see all our released contents Up To Date, and see if anyone look interesting for you!


We compile a Winx32 and Winx64 versions, we can compile some versions for Linux, but we don’t have Linux installed to test it. Also can some versions for Android And IOS, but you need some Keyboard And Mouse for take control of the Character, because we have not mapped controls for that platforms! if you want any of these, tell us here and we will release the links here for you!.

Windows x32 -!vcIn3IQR!I0f1JuDyybIaOE1XkwmBxY9NkYDdA3OrWtJ3bF6o9zI

Windows x64 -!KR4SESAC!3faK5ZunPqJpW8K4Mj3kIAMeXgH7FTLt4s-KF2ORdT0

That is all for now, if you have doubts or want to ask something, do it here and we will respond immediately! Thanks for read this!

Whitman And Olbert.

Thank you guys! I posted in Steam.

Thanks @wowegoo ! We really appreciate it!. Can you provide link your steam post?

Whitman And Olbert