Shave and Haircut plugin for Maya 2020?

Does anyone know if EPIC are going to update the **Shave and Haircut **plugin for Maya for the latest versions?
Since the acquisition and making the plugin free (which was great btw) the plugin does not work with Maya versions higher than 2018.
Just seems odd to release a product to developers that simply doesn’t work at all.
Maya like most products is subscription based, so practically all developers would of migrated to Maya 2020 by now. Making the recently launched product already 2 years out of date.

Thanks for asking about this. It is a little bit strange that there are no versions of Shave and Haircut for Maya 2019 or 2020. Maybe anybody knows about feature development plans?

It is May and still I am not able to get any updates on it…
Why did Epic acquired the plugin if they cant make it usable???