Greetings Everyone,
Team Nonex from Vienna here. After 4 month of development we decided to show you our new game and what we are planning. “Shattered” is a 3rd person Action-Adventure Game. We were inspired by the Dark Souls Series and Shadow of Colossus. We basically intend to have huge bosses which and can be fought by using different approaches.

The world of Shattered is separated into multiple locations which host different types of enemies and bosses. At the moment the player can explore two floating islands, the first one is the Starter Island which does not host enemies or bosses but is rather for the player to get used to the game, learn few mechanics and an island he can go to in order to craft weapons and items. This island consists of two parts, a cave in lower part of the island and the surface.

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The second island we currently have is a Sand Island where the first boss occurs. This location is, as the name suggests, a desert hosting a temple where the first boss can be encountered. It is also home to a species of Sandsharks, which live in the fallen ruins of an ancient civilization.

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We are building the islands in a way that the player can explore them and be rewarded for this activity by finding hidden chests, items as well as some easter eggs. We are doing our best to populate our world with interesting spots and visuals.

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We currently have the first starter armor with which the player can enter combat as well as a weapon which is able to change appearance.

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Finally, the first boss to be encountered on the Sand Island is a huge Rock-Crystal Golem who has four distinct battlephases. He will be fought against in the temple on the Sand Island where the environment can be used to weaken and finally defeat him.

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Thank you for your interest and time!

As for now you can find us on Facebook and Twitter and we will be bringing updates to this forum.

That desert scene is amazing! Wonderful work all over.

Keep it up!

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Love the Environments, how do you plan to connect the islands? Are all environments going to be separated like this?
Im not completely sold on such a fractured world but Id love to be convinced :smiley: Looking forward to seeing more :slight_smile:

I agree with DevilsD, the desert scene really does look quite nice. The style of the game looks quite cool, and glad to hear your aiming for something like Shadow of the Colossus (one of my favorite games of all time! :slight_smile: )

Awesome! :cool: :cool:

Shattered Update 29.10.2016

An Shattered Game Update 29.10.2016

Small extract from our story:
In our game shattered the main protagonist Atlas is sent to different kinds of shattered islands (Remains of an ancient civilisation) through portals by Aeri, the daughter of a humble Noble family.
Our hero Atlas grew up on the streets, but after a dispute with an high ranking nobleman/officer, he became a slave who now is forced to fulfil different tasks and challenges for Aeri after her family purchased him. She has to fight for her family’s political rights and her place at the Grand Council (an association of nobles who let their slaves fight for power and their political position).
Both our characters come from a planet, which is mostly inhabited by the human race, but the old portals enable their users to travel between different words.

This is the cave part from our Starter Island, where the player starts the journey.

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Shattered Update 09.11.2016 Trailer

So, after some time and posts of static images, we finally finished a trailer for our game „Shattered“ and wanted to share it with you. Hope you enjoy it.
[video]Shattered (Official Trailer) - YouTube

Cool! Would have loved to see that underground scene tho with the green lighting more haha xD