Shashingo - Learn Japanese with Photography

Steam Page now live!!

Hi everyone, I am the sole developer of Shashingo, a game that allows you to learn Japanese through taking photographs of a stylized, virtual Japanese street.

There are two modes to the game, the first is freely exploring the environment and collecting photographs to learn new words. The second game mode tests the player’s knowledge by asking them to photograph a random given word, if the player gets the object correct, the mastery of that word is recorded in the player’s photo journal!


I thought I would share some progress that I have made on the project up to now because the first batch of Japanese voice lines from the voice actor has just been added! Shashingo Voice Line Update - YouTube

You can follow updates on the game also over at


Depth of Field
Recently I have been working on the camera system and adding depth of field.
Players can now freely choose the focal point or turn off the DoF altogether to keep everything in focus.

Here are some of the shots that I took while playing with the new mechanics! I’m really happy with how it transforms the photographs into looking more professional.

Controller Support
I’ve also been working on adding controller support to the game and the UI. It’s been a bit of a challenge to do some of the UI with controller input as there is some unexpected behaviour regarding UMG widget blueprints and “focus”. But within the next days, I should have it all ironed out.

That’s all for now with this quick update! Thanks for reading.

Here’s an updated look at the game’s features that are included so far!

Current Features:

  • Learning via image association
  • A game mode to build vocabulary
  • & a game mode to test knowledge
  • Audio voice-lines
  • Freely explorable virtual environment
  • Bright welcoming visuals
  • Save/Load system

I like the idea and the level-design art style, but the educational content feels a bit bland though.

However, I guess a lot depends on who this is being aimed at… So, who is the target audience?

Overall it’d be more interesting with a travel / tourism angle (train moving through Japan perhaps). :wink:

Right now the main features of the game are in, but the amount of content, and the content that will be more valuable for language learners is still missing, thats for sure!

In the future there will be many more objects, items, scenarios etc to photograph more useful words.

In terms of who it’s aimed for, it’s definitely not for beginners without any grasp of grammar, as currently it’s strictly vocabulary that can be learned. This may change but it’s not in the pipeline right now.
Thank you for the feedback!

Recently I’ve redesigned the Camera mode so that there is much more space to see what your taken photographs will look like.

This included creating an entirely new UI that displays your zoom level, viewfinder and the currently selected image filter.

Here’s a quick look at that:

The Steam page for Shashingo is now live!!
Please feel free to wishlist it if you want to be notified when the game releases in the future!

Here’s a short clip of the gameplay too!

Shashingo was shown during the Wholesome Direct at E3!

Did you see it? If not, check it out here at 1:02:40