Sharing with team members?


I bought unreal 4 engine today.
Is it possible to share the engine with my programmer?
or would he need a separate license?

He also has to buy the licence -> otherwise everybody could just buy one and give it to all friends (doesnt make any sense) :slight_smile: But I think when you are a team/company it will look a little bit different -> take a look at the EULA

If I read correctly if you go to the custom licensing option you can choose to get it for your entire team. Gotta look through the EULA again but I saw another post on the UDK forum asking a similar question.

I think this one here:

Ahh it was on this forum my bad that was the thread I was thinking of fighter5347 thanks :). Currently have both this and the UDK forums open and got them confused. My bad.

Ok thanks!

Ah well, from what i am seeing so far UE4 is a huge leap forward…so might be worth the money. Just a shame that there is no unrealscript support…and we basically had a fully functional prototype already…so migrating that is going to be a pain…but hopefully the pros outweigh the cons.