Sharing WIP : The Center game demo

Unreal ladies & gents,

I wanted to share our project which is currently in development The Center: Act I - Axis.

This game is pushed by 15 members and has been in development for the last year or so however, Unreal compiling starting in the last 6 months. There are so many talented individuals here and it would be an honor to showcase our hard work / plans for the future of this project. Please stop by and ask us anything here or via social media. We are running a Kickstarter so bare in mind it may take us a few to get back. If I may, I would like to thank the community here and of course Unreal. Outside of having a great engine to build our concept with the great information found here helped us towards QA. Our pre-alpha is available for free download. This is a prologue demo that you can access and download through our website, Please keep in mind that this demo is NOT INDICATIVE OF THE FINAL GAME. It is meant to serve as a PROOF OF CONCEPT to help explain what our intentions and goals are in conjunction with our Kickstarter. We have a small teaser trailer here showcasing some of our matinee work within Unreal. Hope you enjoy!

Whoever made the Trailer should really thinking about: Getting standarts…

  • Textlines just say much but have no power without content
  • Sound would be an idea for a game that obviously has sounds XD
  • Not with this logo animation…
  • The video is HD but contains parts wich actually look like “screenresolution 13”. Wich cant be taken as a design idea
  • A camera rotation around a skybox. Yes ive always wanted to give out money for that.
    -The best thing about the Trailer is the ending Logo of the Studio… Wich actually looks professional.

You took so much effort in designing your Kicksarter site and now ruining it with that crappy trailer. Srs who has made that trailer… it ruins everything.
A slideshow of your NICELY done concept arts would do a way better job then the trailer. Just remove it completly and setup a new one. PLS

Appreciate the comments Kanizitas, it was hard to understand a lot of what you were saying there however…

-The “textlines” were in conjunction to a matinee sequence within Unreal. This means this is our in-game content so that does go for the trailer shot at the end within the skybox of our game.
-Not entirely sure what you mean about “sounds would be idea for a game that obviously has sounds”. There are sounds present - you can download our pre-alpha off our website
-The Kickstarter itself was the fastest thing about our entire process! :slight_smile: Actually all of our design work did not go into the Kickstarter but into our game. Even though it may be a crappy trailer to your standards, realize this is a “teaser”. We hope to get a new trailer with higher capture soon along with more in-game content.

The point of this is to share the project. Not to start a crapping contest on the work and people who’ve dedicated time to this. We appreciate your comment and thanks for putting in your two-cents!

Im onley talking about the Trailer. The rest is fine as it is. But i would kill my videoguy if he what make such a trailer O.o And you have to know this: You showed not just me this crappy teaser… You showing it alle the poeple around the world who click your projcet… It does not matter if its a teaser anyways… most people will click this thing at first.

Its just a suggestion, take it down.

Appreciate it and we do not have a videoguy! Wish we did but your statement is duly noted! Thanks for expressing some concern and more so shedding more light on the project. Another reason why we are running a Kickstarter! All the best Kanizitas!

All the best :3