Sharing variable values between Blueprints

Hello,i have a big problem here.
I’ve created two blueprints.the first one :

And the second one :

The problem is: When i use the “Set” method in the first blueprint,the value of the “Qty Value” variable get changed successfully (In fact,if i test it with a print method,i can actually see the changed value).
But,when i call the variable (public,of course) from the second Blueprint,its value goes back to 0,so the variable gets called successfully but it isn’t affected by the “Set” method used in the first Blueprint.

Please help me,thanks.

P.S - Sorry for my bad english,i’m Italian D:

Because you getting variable from Pause_Menu_Apply not Pause_Menu_Options. You need to get variable from instance of object (i don’t know how to do that as i don’t know you object set up), to get variable from object instance grab blue pin with it and drop it in empty space, it will open context menu where there will be “Varables” category, there you should see Set and Get nodes of specific variables inside that object that are public.

You seem lacking knowledge how objects and classes work in UE4, here you have tutorial which explains objects and classes should clear things up for you (i think :p):

May I see your get variable blueprint?

But i dont see where this variable comming from, there are link below, posted by , watch the video.

It’s in the second image.I just called “get (Qty Value) value” (that greenish object under the event) with the mouse right click and then attached the function to the switch

Wait,no.I don’t follow you eheh.
I created the variable in the “Pause_Menu_Options” blueprint and i want to call it from “Pause_Menu_Apply”.In fact,as you can see in the second screenshot (wich is the “Pause_Menu_Apply”) i called the Get method (first i right-clicked on an empty space,then i clicked on the "Get (Qty Value) Value)),and then attached it on the Switch Menu.

By the way,i’ll watch your video,Thanks!!

Ok,i’ll watch it.Thanks!

I exactly see that Get node and i exactly see it does not have Target input node, which means you getting varable from this object not Pause_Menu_Apply and thats how i deduced that issue. Also i didn’t said right click empty space, i said grab Pause_Menu_Options object link and realese it empty space, it should show you context menu with all possible connections, including varables

You mean like that?

I’ve created the reference to the “Pause_Menu_Option” class and then attached the Get method to that,but still i receive the “Accessed None ‘Pause_Menu_Option_Class’ from node Switch on Int in graph ‘EventGraph’ in blueprint Pause_Menu_Apply” Error

Sorry for the trouble i’m causing but really,i can’t get through this problem.

here i fast recorded video, some links in the description.

Thanks,i’ve seen the video,but still i can’t resolve my problem.
All i want to do is to read the value from the “Scalability Value” variable (Created in the Pause_Menu_Option class) in the Pause_Menu_Apply class,that’s it.
Also,i get this “Accessed none… from node…” error wich means that the “Scalability value” variable called from the Pause_Menu_Apply blueprint is null.That’s my question: How to read an integer (or string,or whatever i want) from another blueprint.
Sorry if i might be rude,but really i’ve seen everything and still i can’t resolve this problem.

you cant read a value if thats not there, thats why i made made a video about how to create a widget at one blueprint, store refference for it it in another, read it from there and make use of it.

May i have an example like your video,but with my case?

To read a variable from a button you need a refference to this button. In case of a menu, you need a refference to the menu, get a button from it and only then get a Variable.
here i provide basic project which gonna roll a dice for u. Keep in mind, array elements numeration starts from zero, so first button on a panel is actually a button_0.

the video from epic about variables, Blueprint Essentials: Object and Class Variables | 04 | v4.2 Tutorial Series | Unreal Engine - YouTube

you need to watch whole basic series about every aspect of unreal engine, before making something, since you dont understand a basics.

Ok,then i’ll study the files that you gave me.Thanks for the helping!!

You not create refrence at all, you just made varable and didn’t set it yet. Blueprints are not object, they are classes and need to be instantiated in to objects. Watch video i posted.