Sharing UE4 project with team members

Right, I’m not sure if this is the correct place to post this, but I was wondering how can I or team members in my team share a UE4 project that we’re working on together? Do I have to use something like SVN and upload the entire source code engine (everything that I’ve downloaded)? Sorry for the silly question, but any help will be great. Thanks

Yep, you will have to use SNV or perforce. There you just have to upload the whole project folder -> so not everything that you have downloaded, but of course all the other members also need the same version of the engine

Shared dropbox will also do the trick too.

You can also use GIt with a private GitHub repository. Seriously, the smartest way to manage your applications on the fly.

“GItHub is slowly; it’s not a deal for me.” - no problem! Live up a server to host your personal GIt repository and you’re ready to go.