Sharing purchased content with team?


I’ve been looking around for a good explanation covering the sharing of purchased content with team members, hoping someone can provide some input. I am getting involved in a little project with cousin and friends, we all live quite a distance apart, but would like to work together on this project. so while we plan our way forward, we are are currently puzzled at how this would work if we purchase assets on the market place, then how would we go about sharing it among one another, seeing as we are all clubbing in together to buy the assets.

I would have assumed there was a means to form a dev group combining our accounts, and anyone associated with that dev group would be able to share their purchased assets for the project, but all i seem to find on the net is suggesting to share the local files, I don’t know how the creators would feel about that. So best i can come up with is creating an EPIC account for our little studio, and purchasing the assets on that account, to which every member can login to that studio account to download and update the purchased content with ease, however I remember reading an issue regarding one person per account.

How does everyone else manage the topic of shared purchased content when collaborating on a project regarding these assets, without each person having to purchase the content individually?

From my understanding it works like this. If you purchase content then you can use that content on any games you ever make from that point on. Since you a member of that team then the game that is being developed can use that content. I’d imagine that due to this you are able to share that content with the other members working on that game. However, the other members working on that game can not use that content on their individual projects or projects they work on in the future where you are not a present member since they are not licensed as you are. (And yes, people have been known to go to game developers and say, “Hey, that’s my content, show me your license to use it.”)

That sounds reasonable but I don’t work at Epic so I wouldn’t know for sure.

Thanks for the reply, i know and understand that, but i am asking more along the lines of how to legitimately share the content with the others? Should i just share the data folder over the net with my team, or is there a preferred way among other teams that may want to share how they get around it, or other what they would suggest in my shoes. That is more of what i am looking for in an answer.