Sharing of matinee data between matinee actors not working


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I am trying to use the Matinee Data class as I assume it would work, by sharing it with multiple matinee actors in different levels (or the same level). However, as soon as I have two matinee actors linking to the same Matinee Data, the linking from the matinee layers to the AAsset instances only ‘stick’ with the first one. I can link AAssets and scrub the matinee sequence of the second matinee actor, but as soon as I close the matinee editor, the links are broken.

to reproduce

  1. In the content browser, create a Matinee Data object
  2. Dag the Matinee Data asset into the scene. This will create a matinee actor linking to the Matinee Data object in the asset browser.
  3. Create a new camera in the scene, Camera_1
  4. Open the matinee actor
  5. Create a camera group with Camera_1
  6. Add some animation to the movement track
  7. Add a new camera, Camera_2
  8. Drag the Matinee Data asset into the scene again, creating another matinee actor linking to the same Matinee Data
  9. Open this second matinee actor
  10. Select Camera_2
  11. “replace group actors with selected actors” of the camera group
  12. Scrub the timeline to confirm that the camera has been properly associated with the camera group
  13. Close the matinee editor
  14. Reopen the second matinee actor
  15. Scrub the timeline → the camera now is not linked anymore, nothing moves
  16. confirm the same for the first matinee actor. This one is still linked.

The behavior is similar if the two matinee actors were in two separate levels.

Hello bas_h,

I was able to recreate your issue given the steps that you provided.

This is indeed a bug.

I have entered a ticket for you. That number is UE - 19953.

Thank you very much for reporting this issue,