Sharing MetaHuman Data

Me and my team made a lot of progress regarding creating a character through MetaHuman and implementing it into a scene with animations. Soon, we plan to add custom clothing through the use of modules. We repaired a lot of errors that we encountered over time, and have all of our code saved onto GitLab. What we want to do relatively soon is make things easier for others using MetaHuman so that they will have an easier time. We’re looking to assist the Unreal community, but my 3D modeler states that it will be difficult to share that information since some of the weapons and animations were acquired from the Unreal Store.

Is there a preferred way that we could list the errors that we encountered, and how we resolved them? Should we just report the bugs directly through the Unreal Engine and nothing else?

Is there a place where we could offer some of the code that we used? Is some information more valued then others?

Thank you,

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