Sharing Learning Portal Badges on LinkedIn


Several questions.

I have a feeling that there is a better way to present these badges on LinkedIn. I saw a post mentioning how a person is considering sharing their Epic Games profile with all their achievements listed in the “URL” section of the form. Is there a way to do that?

When I click the “share to LinkedIn” icon below my badge, the popup at the bottom of the form says "We no longer share changes to licenses & certifications with your network".
Is this in someway relevant to Epic? Or is this just a general statement by LinkedIn

I wanted to share every badge on my profile but I don’t know if that will look like spam.


Seems that for now the only way is to add them manually, without a Credential URL…

Hi om new to this , if i want to share my badge to linkedin How do i do it

did you do that? I couldn’t, can anyone help me with this please