sharing/collaboration private github fork between licensed developers?

Can licensees share/collaborate on private forks of UE4?
Note that both licensees use free github accounts, but paid 19$ for the epic UE4 source.

I tried to add a collaborator by clicking on the ‘Developers’ button here:

github reports a server error:

Hi erwincoumans! Yes, this is absolutely possible. You are able to create your own ‘Organization’ on GitHub and add fellow subscribers to your organization’s team, including granting them write access to your organization’s private fork of Unreal Engine. The team members must all be verified subscribers, otherwise this is a violation of the license agreement.


Do you link your Accout -> Github Username to your Organization username or your individual username?

I’m guessing during the fork, you can set the Org as the repo owner?

Is there a way to automate access to our forks to make sure only folks with valid UE4 licenses can access the fork?

I have an OUYA version of the UE4 4.5 Branch that I want to share with UE4 users.

What’s the best way to go about this?

Is it possible make an OUYA fork within the Epic Games · GitHub organization?

Just wondering: how can I verify that someone is a UE4 subscriber?

I’m wondering the same question…?

I asked in the question section - How do we share a fork with UE4 subscribers? - UE4 AnswerHub

If you fork the UnrealEngine repo via GitHub only subscribers will have access to it. You can easily verify this by logging out of your GitHub account and then attempting to access your fork’s GitHub page, you should get a 404.