Sharing Assets on different accounts?

What are the issues with this?
Because I have asked for several packages for christmas to further help my project but people dont want to purchase the packs on my account beforehand or I will get the emails and know.
So is it fine just for them to purchase said packages on their account for me to use?

Hummm good question and on the edge of a gray area.

Best to PM the question to Chance and he will follow up on it for you. Really though one should be able to buy gift cards from the marketplace just like any other product me thinks. :wink:

It’s a good question, I’d put it in this context: if several developers decided to collaborate and own various assets on Marketplace, would it violate the EULA to share those assets with each other for that specific project?

As for your situation: its not like these packages need shipping and handling, just have them bought for your account on Christmas day and act all surprised :smiley:

Hey LDodds, this may help shed some light on your question:

“The buyer is also licensed to make the content available to employees and contractors for the sole purpose of contributing to products controlled by the buyer.”

So you can share the assets, but only with those who are working on your projects, for your projects. Meaning they can’t go and use the assets for their own projects, they are only licensed to use it with yours.