Sharing assets between creators

Maybe this is a dumb question, my pardon in advance then, I did a search and didn’t find anything useful . But I’m wondering if U4E can save a static mesh with material information (aka Lerp and 1 nodes, its not a very complex setup atm ) In some format that’s default to U4E. Basically I’d like the other modder to be able to just import the mesh, and not having to waste time with materials.

I’v currently send a file to the person who wanted some models for a mod in an FBX format created by U4E ( I forgot to send the textures tho ) but it didn’t seem to show anything but the Base color channel, it should have made a rough channel regardless of having the textures, but it didn’t.

Sooo am I overseeing something here ? Or do Devs just send FBX files to each other ?

You could try collaborating with Google Drive if the project is under 15 gb. Just make sure you have syncing off while you’re working on the files and turn it back on when you’re done. You can literally put your entire project folder and all your assets in it. (That’s how I’m collaborating)

The only issue we had with sharing is maintaining the original links so that if shared UE4 can find the necessary links under the required folder structure.

Example from host

Content > MyStuff.

On the host make a folder in UE4 called Content > Mystuff and copy using explorer the asset package to the folder and it should work from there.

If you and someone else though is working on the same project then a SVN as a form of source control is a good way to go as you can then mirror the same project or at least content folder.

AS a tip from experience SVN for content based project is a better way to go than say GIT or webdev drop boxes due to it’s ability to handle large files as well as ease of use.