sharing a project?

Hi there I have a little project where I was only doing blueprints, now Im starting to see how to C++ in UE4, so I added a C++ class and so far so good.

Then I did save it on my repo (git repo) and did a push, cloned in another computer (both of them use win 10 and AFIK it also has 2015 community as mine) but the second computer on open say that I need to build the project dll, which I dont include in the git repo because gitignore, so Im unable to open the project in the second computer (yeah it can open older commits where only blueprints are used).

So how I can be able to open it on a second computer, or there is something that I need to add to the repo? (there is only uassets, some ini files and now cpp and h files).

I’m not sure, but you can include the .uproject file into your repo. There is no need to include solution files, since they are auto-generated.

I got it, “the problem” including only the uproject (as I did) was that when opening in the other computer

  • first it didnt have installed the c++ part of vs 2015, it was a “normal” install so only managed languages there…
  • second from the unreal engine before open the project I right click and make a shortcut, then in the desktop I right click and choose generate visual studio project files

I dont know why you cant generate project files from the library launcher, it will make more sense than from a shortcut.