Sharing a project with a team

I am working with a team on a project but cannot figure out how to share the maps like we did in UDK. We were able to copy the file and send it to a team member and they could make changes etc. and send it back. How dod we do this in UE4.
I can’t seem to find enough information on the topic. Or maybe I am just missing something

What exactly is the problem with copying the map file?

My partner and myself do this all the time.

(We use SyncBack to synchronize between our PCs, but it’d work with manually copying as well.)

I tried it and copied the map file i wanted to show them and they said it doesn’t open.
Are they to just place it in the maps files and then open it just like they would

Well, yes.

Our maps are in Content/Levels/ and whenever I copy them over I place them in the exact same folder and it opens flawlessly.

Now, it is possible that there are more discrepancies in your project. Maybe you have Blueprints, Models, Materials, Textures, etc. that he doesn’t. I do not think the engine is supposed to crash in this case, but we can’t rule it out either.

No, it should open correctly all the time.

If you have blueprints etc. that he doesn’t have, those objects wouldn’t show up in the map.

However, maybe this is the cause. I don’t think so, but I can’t say for sure.

If possible, I’d try to copy the whole “Content” folder and see if the issue persists.


It’s very important that all assets have the exact same name and are in the exact same locations, else you’ll get problems.

There is one other thing you should note, called redirectors. Those are 1KB files that sometimes pop up after moving or renaming files. Be sure to either fix them up or copy them as well (without the right filter those are invisible in the content browser).

ok if i do have blueprints and textures in ti how would then have him able to open it up?
So i can send him a file with BSP’s only and he can open it in maps but if there is anything else it needs to be done differently?

ok , I am having a team member try it now, sorry I was using UDK for 2 years and now done with school moving onto UE4.

I just want whatever I make since it is a prototype at the moment able to be see by the team then they can get to creating different levels and this way 4 people aren’t playing the waiting game to make changes in levels. Does that make sense ?

I just had him try and he can’t get it there. is this added to the root folder or rap and drop into the map section


Once you are done prototyping, you may want to consider professional solutions for sharing a project between team members - especially if there’s five of them. UE4 has native integration for Perforce - maybe it’ll be useful to you.

yes we will go to perforce we have used it before. The map will be a .umap correct?
That is the file i have sent to him and he cannot get it to enter into the content folder

Yes, it’s the .umap.

I just copy it manually using windows explorer.

yes, it just worked thank you so much!.
so if i make a level filled with BP, Text, all kinds of things and send over the .umap. They add it like they just did it should open for them as long a they have all the assets required correct?

ok great, I better leave u alone i have many questions and well depending on time you let me know, lol
You have been a great help and I really appreciate it

any way you would know how to remove the map that always shows up as the tester level. I can just delete it obviously but is there a link or a way for em to set the order of the maps they way i want?

Happy to help!

I’ll go offline soon, but the answerhub is always online :slight_smile:

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Have a look at the project settings, right by “Maps and Modes”. There you can set the editor startup map.