Shared Skeleton, Different Body types and Control Rig

Hi All,

So my high level concept is to use 1 parented animation blueprint for a few characters of a similar type. Example, townsfolk.

I have been using Control Rig for the IK solution and plan to make use of it a few times. The base skeleton is the mannequin. However some of the characters, although using the same rig are different in size. Which is okay the skeleton re-targeting settings help sort those issues out.

However it seems like when the ABP is running the control rig the character starts to stretch out as if it was loosing its re-targeting and its getting and setting bone transforms from the mannequin’s original animations. I was wondering if I need to set something a certain way in the Control rig so that when its getting the animations at set up they are set according to the other skeleton’s proportions.

Also I could make it a Parent AnimBP and you can make Control Rigs variables so you can plug in the ones you need. But you can’t actually plug it into the Control Rig node… which seems strange.

I realize Control Rig is still a bit beta or very new. But I couldn’t learn too much from the documentation on the subject. I’m sure they are working on more stuff and yes there are some great videos and examples on Control Rigs, I used those to help me get the current set up I have! If Control Rig can be used as a solution to re-targeting then we could save decent amount of animation space having to create new animations with the re-targeted skeleton at least for Skeletons that are very similar.


You can set “bSetRefPoseFromSkeleton” in ControlRigNode to TRUE to avoid stretching.


Thanks for your tips, sincerely.