[Shared revenue] Looking For A Talented Teammates To Join me on my Adventure

I am Ashton the owner of Zion Studios and we are looking for a talented team to help work on a game idea I had / friend had.

:///// LOOKING FOR \\:

  • 3D Artist (also need to be realistic with textures and everything)
  • Sound Engineer
  • Level Design (ill help on this end)
  • Programmer (must need to be able to make realistic car physics and other things)
    If im looking for different roles ill edit this
    Also all candidates must have discord
    Discord Server:
    ill be checking every day to see if someone joined if you join ill talk to you

Hey Ashton, it sounds exciting to get a game started. Probably your first?

You can chat with me here. Or friend me on discord Pheromones#2631

I’m not sure if I can help you directly but I’d still like to hear your idea and you can hang out in our channel for developers.