Shared Project Marked as Pirated Software on hosting site

I created a modular house building tool. With my own assets and a few assets from the kite demo like the grass and trees. I shared this with the community to help out beginners with modular programming. But the link on the hosting site was taken down because of copy write infringement. I’m trying to make sure I have the right to share projects made with the engines free assets with the community. If this is okay I will reupload and email the hosting site that I have rights to share the project and all things there in.

WTF is happening with you EPIC? can you give us some kind of explanation? Is this true EPIC?

This is not Epic. This is some random person reporting legal stuff on forums, and Mega doesn’t care I’d it’s indeed illegal and bans you. Same happened to me. Just changed to dropbox and no more problems appeared.

First up an apology as I don’t have all the details, but I can give an initial response which might be helpful.

When you say you shared with the community, that’s cool on the Unreal Engine GitHub network, but it’s not permitted to share assets like the Kite demo assets with the general public (i.e., outside of Epic’s networks) in such a way where the assets aren’t embedded in your software/game.

Also you say a house-building tool, and I’m not sure what that entails, but I can say that it’s not permitted to redistribute outside of Epic’s UE networks any game or product that contains or is based on Epic’s UE editor or tools.

Above are the two things in question that I shared. Should I disable these link and take them down and rework everything without said assets? Sorry for the issue I was just trying to share and I’m not sure how to share something like this via the previously mentioned methods.

Could I suggest a new idea for the launcher that includes created projects using the free assets for example download? Like a “Community Creations” for like scenes created with said free assets or a way to share things that people make for free to share with the community?

Please let me know if i need to shut these down as I will make sure its down ASAP.

I would love to hear about what “embedded in your software/game” exactly means. I have the Project Shoiko made and I love it as learning ressource.

The Project includes some Kite Assets in the .uasset format (not the raw .fbx and Texture files). Does it count as embedded? Or do we really have to Cook the Project? The Project is clearly meant to be used with UE4.

The EULA, and I’m highlighting the most relevant portion, makes limitations about that for distributions to end users (as opposed to just other licensees):

Distribution to end users - You may Distribute the Licensed Technology incorporated in object code format only as an inseparable part of a Product to end users who are subject to an end user license agreement which explicitly disclaims any representations, warranties, conditions, and liabilities related to the Licensed Technology. The Product may not contain any Engine Tools or any Marketplace Content Distributed in uncooked source format.

Oh ok I see the point now. That makes it really hard to include 2-3 Kite Assets to ship with a learning ressource. I Agree with Shoiko we need some sort of Migrate from external Source/Library functionality. But its really good to know that we cant provide uncooked Assets from the Marketplace noted

I appreciate your understanding. And I agree, Shoiko’s idea is a good one and I’ll forward it over to the engine community team.

Thanks Canon - I like Shoiko’s idea as well. We’ve been looking into avenues to more easily allow sharing (even for game jams), so I’ll see what we can do

Just to confirm, this generally seems ok other than uncooked redist of kite assets.

I understand i am taking the files down and will re work them without the assets from kite.