Shared Inventory Chests

Hey Guys, I’m fairly new to modding ARK so my knowledge isn’t great.
What I am trying to achieve is a chest thats inventory is shared between the chests.

An example would be to place two of this chest and whatever you place in chest 1 would show in chest 2.

So far this is all theory and I am not entirely sure where to start with it all.

Thanks guys.

can noone give me some help? I’m not too familier with the event graph and can’t seem to find much documenation on it to do with ARK…

In this thread: Craft Crate (containing Items) - ARK: Survival Evolved - Epic Developer Community Forums they crafted a crate with items already in it. If you could modify the graph a little bit to make it use the contents of a chest it might work.

Definately worth looking into. Thank you.
Edit: Not particuarly helpful, atleast at my current knowledge. I need more resources to do with the graphs & ARK so I can understand them more.